Delta 8 near me: Is marijuana harmful? 

Delta 8 near me. Healthy and happy people know that their bodies are temples and treat them as such. Whether it’s something you put in your body, on your skin, or in your air, it all has an effect on the individual and performance.

Cannabis helps a lot of people feel better. Is there any way to verify its safety, though?

According to a survey conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, they asked 900 adults in the United States, “If you would choose just one, which of these four compounds — alcohol, marijuana, sugar, or cigarettes — would you think would be most toxic?”

People’s answers to the question: 

  • 41% said they would choose to use tobacco.
  • 24% of them chose to drink.
  • 21% of them chose sugar
  • People choose marijuana 9% of the time.

Not just the NBC News poll shows that Americans’ views on marijuana are changing. A similar survey was conducted by CBS News Polls in April, contrasting marijuana with other drugs.

Here are the results of their poll:

  • 66% of Americans believe that marijuana is much safer than other substances.
  • 51% of Americans think that drinking alcohol is more harmful to your health than smoking pot.
  • 6% of Americans say that marijuana is riskier.

It’s hard to deny how impressive it is. These figures do not, however, reveal every detail. When you smoke, drink too much alcohol, or eat too much sugar, there are many ways you can get sick. It’s difficult to estimate the amount of cancer and cardiovascular disease due to the above three factors. Cancer and heart disease kill most people in the United States. They kill 46% of all Americans every year.

Delta 8 near me: But doesn’t marijuana make you feel high?

It shows through studies that cannabis users are less likely to develop an addiction in comparison to those who partake in other substances or consume large amounts of sugary or alcoholic beverages. When used for chronic pain, cannabis has helped some patients reduce their opioid use without causing fatal overdoses. Researchers in New Mexico found that participants in the state’s medical cannabis program reported greatly lower opioid use, with some even completely abandoning their opioid use.

Science is just beginning to uncover the ways in which cannabis use can improve people’s health and well-being, and the public’s view of the drug is shifting fastly across the United States.

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