About Us

While there are plenty of health benefits from hemp extracts, our primary focus is on the experience itself.

Whether you use our products for health, as a tool for self-growth & creativity, or purely for recreation is completely up to you.

Nobody here is going to tell you how to live your life.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to use our products — but it’s up to us to make sure the products you’re using are created with the highest level of integrity.

No corners were cut at any point in the manufacturing process — regardless of the time, cost, and effort involved. We only make premium-grade extracts — we don’t waste our efforts with the lower-grade stuff we wouldn’t want to use ourselves.

Be very wary of cheap or budget products in this space — there are a lot of harmful and unethical ways of cutting corners in this industry — which is something we just aren’t interested in doing.

Low-grade extracts come packed with toxic elements like cadmium, lead, mercury, butane, & hexane.

All of our products are guaranteed to be clean and clear from any and all of these harmful elements because we don’t want to consume that sh*t either. We believe in quality over quantity.

We prefer the slower (and much more tedious) method of isolation because it creates a cleaner and more enjoyable experience overall.

Basically, if we don’t use it, you can’t buy it.

Our specialty is delta 8 — but we make plenty of other extracts too. We love this molecule for its smooth buzz and clear-headedness. It’s great for use at work to promote flow states, in the evenings to wind down after a long day, or out with friends to simply vibe and chill.

We’re also working hard to bring you a variety of innovative new extracts in the near future, including Δ8, Δ9, Δ10, THCV, HCH, CBN, CBG, and a variety of other plant extracts. Area 52 also works with local artists and other members of the cannabis community to produce limited-edition clothing, cannabis paraphernalia, and art (coming soon).

Our Philosophy

We believe visionary plants are an integral role in the process of self-growth and development. They serve as a tool for accessing higher levels of thought, creativity, and critical thinking — which permeates into all aspects of our life.

Plants like hemp, kava, kanna, cacao, and other plants all help us reach and maintain the 8 virtues of higher-dimensional thinking that make us better and more successful humans.

We create products that adhere to this philosophy by sourcing visionary compounds directly from nature. We’ve started with hemp, but see the value in other species of plants and fungi as well (coming soon).

The 8 Virtues of Higher-Dimensional Thinking:

Self-awareness, Self-Control, and Self-Responsibility

The Pursuit of Excellence

The Quest for Truth and Understanding

Seeking multiple modes of Understanding

Imaginative and Visionary Foresight

Cosmic Consciousness

Deep Purpose and Tenacity (Vigorous Discipline)

Ethical Pragmatism

Our Mission

Our brand was founded as a testing ground for new cannabinoids & other phytochemicals.

Our founder is a biochemist and former member of the Shulgin institute. He spent over a decade developing and perfecting various methods of cannabis extraction and isolation. The Area 52 exploration team is on a constant search for new compounds that can bring us to a higher dimension of thought, creativity, and self-growth.

We value transparency, unyielding quality, and exceptional product potency.

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